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Riverain Outdoor Bowls Club is a thriving club with over 50 active members, based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
The club is located behind the Riverain Indoor club and operates independently from it.
The outdoor club has its own clubhouse with facilities to provide sandwiches, tea and biscuits for visiting clubs.
Our recently constructed separate changing rooms have enabled us to open more space within the club house itself.

During the season we have a number of internal competitions, including a Wednesday roll-up league, and take part in a number of friendly matches with other clubs.
The club also takes part in local competitions. These include: The Stevenage Village League , Cairns Cup, L&D BA and others.

2018 Local Competition Results
Stevenage Mixed Village LeagueRunner Up
North Herts Triples League Third Place

The club also has an active social side. Apart from regular gala days, our candlelit bowls evenings and other light-hearted bowling events, there are a number of social events throughout the year.
Racing nights, Quiz nights and occasional trips to the dogs.

Upcoming Fixtures
Saturday 20 April14:30Spoon Drive InternalHomeGreys
Saturday 27 April14:30St.Andrews FriendlyHomeWhites
Sunday 28 April 14:30Letchworth Garden City Village LeagueAwayWhites
Tuesday 30 April 14:30Howard GardenFriendlyAwayGreys
Thursday 2 May 14:30North Herts FriendlyHomeGreys
Saturday 4 May 14:30Aston Village LeagueHomeWhites
Sunday 5 May 14:30Welwyn Garden City FriendlyAwayWhites
Tuesday 7 May 14:30Barton Le Clay FriendlyAwayGreys
Thursday 9 May 14:30Three Horseshoes FriendlyHomeGreys
Saturday 11 May 14:30Three Horseshoes Village LeagueHomeWhites
Sunday 12 May 14:30Knebworth LeagueAwayWhites
Monday 13 May 18:00Potton A Mens LeagueHomeGreys
Tuesday 14 May 14:30Hitchin Town FriendlyHomeGreys
Friday 17 May 14:30Oak Hill Mens Team 10Home
Saturday 18 May 14:30Howard Garden Village LeagueHomeWhites
Sunday 19 May 14:30St.Ippolyts Village LeagueAwayWhites
Monday 20 May 18:00St.Andrews A Mens LeagueAwayGreys
Tuesday 21 May 14:30Letchworth Garden City FriendlyHomeGreys
Friday 24 May 14:30 Mens Club
Saturday 25 May 14:30Hertford FriendlyHomeWhites
Sunday 26 May 14:30Jess Parsons FriendlyHomeWhites
Wednesday 29 May 18:00Letchworth Conservative Club Ladies LeagueAwayGreys
Wednesday 29 May 18:00Letchworth Conservative Club Mens LeagueAwayGreys
Thursday 30 May 14:30Fairfield FriendlyHomeGreys
Friday 31 May 14:302nd Round Mens Team 10Away
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Further Fixtures
Saturday 1 June 14:30Sele Farm FriendlyHomeWhites
Sunday 2 June 14:30Melbourn FriendlyAwayWhites
Monday 3 June 18:00Flitwick B Mens LeagueHomeGreys
Tuesday 4 June 14:30Royston FriendlyHomeGreys
Thursday 6 June 14:30Shefford FriendlyHomeGreys
Saturday 8 June Club Day InternalHome
Monday 10 June 18:00Shefford B Mens LeagueHomeGreys
Monday 10 June 18:00Royston Ladies LeagueAwayGreys
Tuesday 11 June 14:30Welwyn & District FriendlyAwayGreys
Thursday 13 June 14:30Potton FriendlyHomeGreys
Friday 14 June Holwell Mens Club
Saturday 15 June 14:30Holwell Village LeagueAwayWhites
Sunday 16 June 14:30St.Ippolyts Village LeagueHomeWhites
Monday 17 June 18:00Holwell B Mens LeagueAwayGreys
Tuesday 18 June 14:30Letchworth Garden City FriendlyAwayGreys
Wednesday 19 June18:00Hitchin TownMens LeagueAwayGreys
Thursday 20 June 14:30Stevenage Town FriendlyAwayGreys
Friday 21 June 3rd Round Mens Team 10Away
Saturday 22 June Club Day InternalHome
Sunday 23 June 14:30Beds. VPs v Warks. VPs HostingWhites
Sunday 23 June 14:30Whitethorn FriendlyAwayWhites
Monday 24 June 18:00Flitwick A Mens LeagueHomeGreys
Wednesday 26 June18:00Willian Mens LeagueHomeGreys
Thursday 27 June 14:30Potton FriendlyAwayGreys
Friday 28 June 1st Round Cairns CupSplit
Sunday 30 June 14:30Aston Village LeagueAwayWhites
Monday 1 July 18:00Great Barford A Mens LeagueAwayGreys
Tuesday 2 July 14:30Biggleswade FriendlyHomeGreys
Wednesday 3 July 18:00Ladies Unbadged Q/F Herts BAHosting
Thursday 4 July 18:00Holwell Mens LeagueHomeGreys
Thursday 4 July 18:00Holwell Ladies LeagueHomeGreys
Friday 5 July 3rd Round Mens Club
Saturday 6 July 14:30Datchworth LeagueHomeWhites
Sunday 7 July 14:30Luton West End FriendlyHomeWhites
Monday 8 July 18:00Three Horseshoes Ladies LeagueHomeGreys
Monday 8 July 18:00Potton A Mens LeagueAwayGreys
Tuesday 9 July 14:30Baldock FriendlyHomeGreys
Friday 12 July Quarter Final Mens Team 10Home
Saturday 13 July 14:30Letchworth Garden City Village LeagueHomeWhites
Sunday 14 July Club Day InternalHome
Monday 15 July 18:00St.Andrews A Mens LeagueHomeGreys
Wednesday 17 July18:00Whitethorn Mens LeagueAwayGreys
Wednesday 17 July18:00Whitethorn Ladies LeagueAwayGreys
Thursday 18 July 14:30Shephalbury FriendlyAwayGreys
Saturday 20 July 14:30Stotfold FriendlyAwayWhites
Sunday 21 July 14:30Stevenage Town Village LeagueHomeWhites
Monday 22 July 18:00North Area Final Mens Club
Monday 22 July 18:00Flitwick B Mens LeagueAwayGreys
Thursday 25 July 18:00St.Ippolyts Mens LeagueAwayGreys
Thursday 25 July 18:00St.Ippolyts Ladies LeagueAwayGreys
Friday 26 July 2nd Round Cairns CupSplit
Saturday 27 July 14:30Fairfield FriendlyAwayWhites
Saturday 27 July Semi Final & Final Mens Team 10Neutral
Sunday 28 July 14:30Howard GardenVillage LeagueAwayWhites
Monday 29 July 18:00Shefford B Mens LeagueAwayGreys
Monday 29 July 18:00Baldock Ladies LeagueHomeGreys
Tuesday 30 July 14:30St.Andrews FriendlyAwayGreys
Wednesday 31 July14:30Three Horseshoes FriendlyAwayGreys
Thursday 1 August 14:30Shefford FriendlyAwayGreys
Saturday 3 August Triples Day InternalHome
Sunday 4 August Semi Final & Final Mens Club
Sunday 4 August 14:30Holwell Village LeagueHomeWhites
Monday 5 August 18:00Holwell B Mens LeagueHomeGreys
Monday 5 August 14:30North Herts Ladies LeagueAwayGreys
Wednesday 7 August 18:00St.Ippolyts Ladies LeagueAwayGreys
Thursday 8 August 14:30Howard Garden FriendlyHomeGreys
Friday 9 August 3rd Round Cairns CupSplit
Saturday 10 August 14:30Knebworth Village LeagueHomeWhites
Sunday 11 August Two-wood Singles Day InternalHome
Monday 12 August 18:00Flitwick A Mens LeagueAwayGreys
Tuesday 13 August 18:00Datchworth Village LeagueAwayGreys
Wednesday 14 August14:30Letchworth & District FriendlyHomeGreys
Friday 16 August Final Cairns CupSplitWhites
Saturday 17 August 14:30Letchworth Conservative Club FriendlyAwayWhites
Saturday 17 August 09:30North Herts Ladies Semi Final Home
Sunday 18 August 09:30North Herts Ladies Semi Final Home
Sunday 18 August 14:30Willian Village LeagueAwayGreys
Monday 19 August 18:00Great Barford A Mens LeagueHomeGreys
Tuesday 20 August 14:30Shephalbury FriendlyHomeGreys
Thursday 22 August 14:30Hitchin TownFriendlyAwayGreys
Friday 23 August 14:30Whitethorn Ladies LeagueHomeGreys
Saturday 24 August Club Day InternalHome
Sunday 25 August 14:30Stevenage Town Village LeagueAwayWhites
Tuesday 27 August 14:30Baldock FriendlyAwayGreys
Wednesday 28 August14:30Stevenage Town FriendlyHomeGreys
Thursday 29 August 14:30Willian Village LeagueHomeGreys
Sunday 1 September 14:30Three HorseshoesVillage LeagueAwayWhites
Wednesday 4 September 14:30Knebworth Ladies LeagueHomeGreys
Saturday 7 September Club Finals InternalHomeWhites
Sunday 8 September Club Finals InternalHomeWhites
Wednesday 11 September Ladies Night HomeGreys
Saturday 14 September 14:30L&D Finals HomeWhites

The latest honours board for our internal competitions:-

2018 Internal Competitions Winners
Club Championship Brian Mills
Mens Singles Terry Boon
Mens Handicap Steve Walton
Ladies Singles Joan Welch
Ladies Handicap June Mills
Two-Wood Singles Martin Gray
Mixed Singles PlateAshley Tresise
Graded Pairs Ashley Tresise, Dave Jefferies
Triples Steve Phillips, Martin Gray, June Mills
Jess Parsons Brian Mills
Roll-up League Bill Vandyke

New members are always welcome.

Upcoming Events

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Outdoor club pre-season meeting

Come along to the outdoor clubhouse at 10am for a meeting welcoming the new season.

Live Swing Jazz Band

At 7:30 on 12th April, a Live Swing Jazz Band will play at Riverain.
With vocalist Tony Phillips and Juke Box Junction.
Tickets £10 from the club office.

Indoor Club AGM

At 4pm on 26th April, the Indoor Club will hold its Annual General Meeting.
Nominations are now open for all the club offices.
See the main notice board for details.

Latest News

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